Baltic Centre International cooperates with leading universities in Europe, including the Baltic States. If you decided to study abroad, we will select the country, university and the programme for you according to your wishes and capacities.

Our team will conduct individual consultation meetings; help you with paperwork and adaptation in the country and the university selected by you.

The System of Higher Education in Europe

There is a single system of education in Europe, the foundation of which is the so-called Bologna Declaration.

The Bologna Declaration was signed by representatives of 29 countries in 1999 in Bologna (Italy). Thus, the single European Higher Education Area, which has the common structure and quality standards, was created.

The European system of higher education is currently divided into three successive levels:

1) Bachelor’s Degree Programme (3-4 years of study);

2) Master’s Degree Programme (2-3 years of study);

3) PhD Programme (3-4 years).

An important feature of the single European system of higher education is the mobility, i.e., the possibility to change programmes, to study courses and modules within the Universities in the European Union.

The so-called Single European Credit Transfer System (European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) has been created in order to support mobility and opportunities to gain international experience in studying.

 The amount of one year of study is equal to 60 ECTS. 

 Public and Private Universities

Baltic Centre International collaborates with both public and private universities.

The programmes of all Universities are once every six years internationally accredited, proving its compliance with the European Quality Standards, in accordance with the law of the Baltic States.

Many Universities are subject to further world-class accreditation on their own initiative.

All accredited Universities (both public and private) are entitled to issue a Diploma of the harmonized European standard.

The Diploma Supplement Label (transcript) is attached to a Diploma; this Diploma Supplement Label corresponds to the EU standards and can be used for admission to other universities in Europe.

Diplomas issued by public and private Universities are evaluated equally when you apply for a job.