The destiny and the future of your child are important to each of you. Any future is built on a quality education.

Which University shall I enter? Which University shall I choose? Choice, firstly, depends on your child, but still you can affect their choice significantly.

We suggest considering the possibility of studying in Europe, in particular, in the Baltic States. Why?

Let us make some arguments:

  • Your child will receive a European Diploma, which is recognized throughout the world and provides an opportunity to get a top-paying job both in the native country and throughout the world.
  • Education is not expensive by world standards. On average, one year of study costs EUR 2,000 to EUR 4,000; accommodation and meals cost, on average, EUR 400-700 per month.
  • Studies are possible in both Russian and English. The language of studies does not change the quality of the diploma.
  • There is very safe living environment in the Baltic countries. Most of the population speak Russian or English, people are open and friendly to visitors or newcomers. There is a great climate and nice environmental conditions here.
  • The cities are known for very convenient public transport system, which allows someone to get to any destination from your University or student residence in 30-40 minutes. Students have a great discount on a ticket on public transport.
  • We offer a large range of accommodation for students. Students can choose 1-4-bed comfortable room in a student residence. All student residences have common kitchens.
  • All Universities have cafes or dining rooms, with a large selection of dishes at “student” prices.
  • There are shops and supermarkets, where students can buy everything they need, located close to Universities and student residences.
  • During studies, your child will receive a residence permit that would allow him/her to work 20 hours a week and travel to all Schengen states without a visa.

The Baltic States are really good choice. You will not regret, and your dream will come true after 3-4 years: your child will live a better life than you.

Make your choice, and the Baltic International Centre will take care of the well-being of your child during his/her studies.